St Gregory & St Patrick's Catholic Infant School

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We have been learning what happens when we mix different colours together.

Our deconstruction area is resourced with large boxes,tubes, bricks and crates.

The resources provide open-ended and unlimited opportunities for children to express their creative and imaginative personalities, e.g. 'This box is my castle'.

The boys showed and interest in writing and drawing outdoors and using resources on a larger scale where they could work together.


We have been doing lots of writing and mark making using various materials.  

We have been learning how to arrange shapes to achieve a planned effect and sorting shapes by their names.

We have talked about how wet sand and dry sand feel different and that you use different tools for them.

Our Gospel value for October is 'Caring', so if children are seen to be carrying out acts of kindness, they get a special badge to wear for the day.

The Nursery children enjoyed painting together on a large scale.  They used various sized paint brushes.

They have also been learning about different textures through playdough, flour, salt, sand and finger paint.

This week we have been learning about technology, using toys that have to be pressed, pulled or turned in order to make something happen.

Some children drew lovely pictures of their family and others tried really hard to write their own names.

In the decenstruction area, some children built train tracks and towers, then measured the length or height with a tape measure.

What a lot of learning this week.  Well done to all of our clever Nursery children

We are learning about ourselves and our families.

We have been talking about different family members who live with us.

In prayer and liturgy we have been learning that we are all part of God's family.

We are also learning a new song called 'I've got a family'.

We have been looking at families around the world and have been discussed similarities and differences between all nationalities and cultures.

We used crates and bricks in the outdoor area and built houses for our families.

We have been learning  about ourselves, our environment and our families.

Some children used the tyres, crates and bricks to build houses for their families.

Other children made pictures of families and we talked about how we were all different.

In maths we have been learning about the weight of various objects.

We talked about how things balance and are at the same level.

Well done Nursery children for learning lots this week.

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