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We had a wedding day in Reception

We arrived at school all wearing our special party clothes! We spent the morning preparing for the wedding, making love heart jam sandwiches, flower corsages, wedding cards to give to the bride and groom, decorating our name cards and learning some new dances. Then we walked to St Begh's  church where we met Father Richard and a couple from each class got married! We cheered when they hugged and walked down the aisle. We had a special photographer for the wedding, who enjoyed taking photos of the wedding parties! Then we went back to school to prepare for the wedding party! Then our Mums and Dads arrived to watch our dancing and join in with the party. We had lots of fun!


We had a fabulous time at St Bees, exploring e seaside and searching for caravans and hotels


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We held a workshop to explain how we teach phonics and maths and to show what you can do at home to help your child progress and build confidence.  Parents who attended found it most useful. 


How to help your child at home.

Here are some questions you might want to ask your child when sharing a book at home, either their book from school or a story from home. Please feel free to write down different questions you have asked your child and how well they understood their book.

It is very important that your child can answer questions about the story they are reading/ have read, in order to become a confident reader.

Where is the blurb? What does it tell us?

Can you show me where the title/ author are?

How did........feel?

Who was in the book?

What happened after....?

What happened at the end of the story?

Why did.....?

Who was the character that....?

What was your favourite part of the story?

Where did......?

What happened at the start of the story?

When did....? 




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We are learning all about the numbers 1 to 5. We are recognising, writing and counting and matching the correct amount of objects to each digit. You can do this at home too!

We have also been exploring 2D shapes finding corners, sides and making patterns and pictures with them. What shapes can you find at home?  What shape is the television, mobile phone, washing machine door?  Do a shape hunt and take some photos to send in to school.

Shape, Position and Movement, Maths Games for 3-5 Years ...

Shape, Position and Movement Games. Symmetry Matching. Symmetry matching game involving mirroring pictures, shapes and patterns along lines of symmetry.

Have a go at the missing shape game and what comes next! Have fun with your learning at home.

Please help us learn about how to keep us safe when we are out at night.  Click on the link to dress Molly in bright clothes so that she can be seen.  Good luck.

Activity - Can't miss Molly - THINK! road safety

Useful websites to use at home.

Here is a great website with some super ideas about working with your child to help them with phonics and reading. Lots of videos too!

Have a go at some phonics games on this website (we are currently working on phase2 sounds)

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