St Gregory & St Patrick's Catholic Infant School

Welcome to Class 7

Mrs Trainor


What a fabulous Friday we have had in Class 7! Today Mr Doyle helped us become superheroes and taught us all about what a first aider does. We learned things such as why first aiders wear gloves, how big the tongue is, how to bandage a finger up and how to check our friends blood pressure. You can see us exploring below we can't wait to write fact sheets next week to inform Reception children about what we learnt!

Things you might like to know...

Homework: Handed out on Monday and return Friday if you need any help with the set task just ask at the door.

Reading books: Handed out every night and returned the following day even if you haven't had chance to read.

P.E (Football): Thursday mornings.

Golden jumper and captain table: Announced on Friday morning.

Kiki: Handed out Friday night and to be returned on Monday morning ready to share with the Class.


You will not believe what has happened in Class 7 this week! A sneaky Superhero creeped into our Class and stole our pet Kiki. We are devastated and want HIM BACK! After a long think we have decided to make a list of clues to put up around school.

      Have you seen him around?

Green hand prints suggest he is THE HULK

Chairs knocked off suggest he is STRONG

Silver webs wrapped around the chairs suggest he likes SPIDERS

Stolen sweets from the treats box suggest he is HUNGRY

Bird feathers on the floor suggest he has a pet BIRD

In 'Geography' we have been learning about simple maps. We had a little bit of a problem with a superhero 'Jamie' who was getting into trouble because he didn't know how to get to Class. We decided to make maps for other children in school to show them how to get to Class 7. When we went outside to make notes we noticed that parents had to walk past the lodge, climbing frame, a big tree, a cross and some tyres to get to Class 7. Here you can see some of our own picture maps....



This week in Maths we have been working on representing numbers from 1-20. We now know that the number 7 can look different in many ways. We enjoyed this task in particular using our tens frames. To be successful we had to read the number and use cotton buds and paint to represent the number on the tens frame. Not only were we thinking about counting carefully but we had to use our fine motor skills to get the paint in the box.


Meet my new Maths partner we are ready to work hard this year!

'My partner helps me if I get stuck!'

'We sit together and talk about our work'

'You don't tell your Maths partner the answer but you help them work it out'

'One day I get the whiteboard and the next day my partner does. We take it in turns'


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