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Welcome to Pre Nursery

Pre Nursery offers a nurturing and learning environment for children aged two years old.

They can then transition over to the School Nursery the term after they turn three. 


'Our vision is that every child who attends our setting, receives the best possible start in life,

and they will be encouraged and supported every step of the way to reach their full potential'.


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Spring 2

Week beginning 28th March

We have been celebrating the beginning of Spring and Easter, we have looked at Spring flowers and how the trees have changed outside. We have watched baby animals on the Smartboard and played with our small world farm.

We have decorated various eggs, and made Easter chocolate nests.

We joined in with various songs and dances, such as "Sleeping bunnies" and Springtime dance"

We played a special listening game where we had to listen to various animal noises and work out which animal made the noise.

We looked at "Bigger" and "Smaller" and worked out which was which on the Smartboard.

Four our snack we enjoyed hot cross buns and talked about the significance of the Cross, we also talked about Easter and listened to a special Easter Worship song.

Spring 2

Week beginning 21st March

We have celebrated Mother's Day this week, and have been busy creating lots of things to take home for the people we care for and love. We have made special pictures and cards and also made cupcakes, we decorated and made special boxes for them to go into.

We talked about Jesus Mother, and  listened to a special "Hail Mary" song, and lit our Worship candle while we  listened.

Our book of the week was "Owl babies" and we set up a small world tray with owls and natural resources, we enjoyed acting out the story. We also watched some real live Owls on a webcam, but they seemed to sleep a lot!

We explored some tactile bags, we felt them to see what they felt like. They were "Squishy" and "Soft"

We made the most of the Spring sunshine and took our musical instruments outside to play music.



Spring 2

Week beginning 14th March

We have celebrated St Patricks day this week, and also Science week.

We have played with magnets and explored the room to see what magnetic things we could find, we also looked at how things change, such as when we added water to icing sugar and also cornflour. We then played with the gloop we had made, and special St Patricks day biscuits with the icing.

We had fun "Irish dancing" and listened to Irish music.

We decorated Irish shamrocks and made colourful rainbows and used our finger muscles when exploring green rice in our St Patricks day exploring tray.

We filled containers with compare bears for Maths, and also enjoyed fitting ourselves in the big box :-)

For our small world play, we enjoyed playing with the Enchanted green tree house.

Spring 2

Week beginning 7th March

Keeping healthy week

We have promoted keeping fit and staying healthy this week. We have learned all about the importance of brushing our teeth, we have practiced on puppets and duplo bricks, and have played a special plaque disappearing game on the Interactive whiteboard. We made healthy vegetable soup and enjoyed it for our snack.  We learned about having 5 a day and cut out pictures of fruit and vegetables to go on our healthy collages. We also made marks in paint with Carrots.

We joined in with Cosmic kids yoga lessons and also Joe Wicks exercise classes to keep us fit.

For our Worship, we learned about the year of Luke.

On Friday, we celebrated Maths day with lots of Numberblocks activities, and counting games on the IWB

Spring 2

Week beginning 28th February

We have celebrated World book day this week. We have listened to lots of stories all week, and taken part in lots of activities linked to these stories, we even dressed up as characters from our favourite stories.

We explored the various fruits from Handa's surprise and tried carrying them on our heads like Handa.

We made Gingerbread men just like the story and enjoyed them for our snack.

We also celebrated Pancake day, we made our own pancakes and chose which toppings we wanted.

Spring 2

Week beginning 21st February

We have been looking at Season changes this week, and have enjoyed exploring ice and also spring flowers, some of the spring flowers were even frozen in the ice, so we enjoyed watching it melt and the flowers becoming free. We made picture collages from some of the flowers we had explored. We made bird feeders and hung them on the tree, we then watched to see if any birds were hungry and came to eat.

We watched real penguins from Edinburgh zoo on their web cam, we enjoyed watching them waddle into the water.

For our snack we made healthy flapjack, it was delicious :-)  On another day we decorated birthday biscuits for someone's birthday.

We were really cold one day after we had been outside, so we done some exercises with Joe Wicks to warm us up, we also danced to our action song of the week which was Hokey Cokey.

We played a listening game where we had to use our listening ears to listen to different environmental sounds, we won the picture card that matched if we got it right. 

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