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Welcome to Pre Nursery

Pre Nursery offers a nurturing and learning environment for children aged two years old.

They can then transition over to the School Nursery the term after they turn three. 


'Our vision is that every child who attends our setting, receives the best possible start in life,

and they will be encouraged and supported every step of the way to reach their full potential'.


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Week beginning-16th May 2022

Bugs and insects

This week we have been continuing our interest in bugs and insects, we have focused on Ladybirds and Spiders. We have made our own Ladybirds from play dough, explored a Butterfly sensory tray, and had an exploring tray with factual insect books and some pretend insects, we visited the Lana May garden to see if we could find any bugs and also enjoyed listening to a story there.

We made a bug hotel to go outside, we will check back next week to see if we have any guests :-)

We had a special visit to the library van, the Librarian read us a story, and we picked some new books to read when we got back to Pre Nursery.

We prepared our own snack, buttered our toast and chose which toppings we wanted to go on top. We also had lots of tomatoes, so we decided to make a pasta sauce with it, we chopped the tomatoes and watched how they changed when we put them in the pan.

Week beginning 10th May

The very hungry Caterpillar

This week we have continued to explore The very hungry Caterpillar. We have looked at how our Caterpillars have changed over the week, they have changed from small and thin to big and fat Caterpillars. We have made smoothies from the fruits in the story, we cut them up and looked at how they all changed when we added milk and put them into the blender.  We used scarves and ribbons and danced to the "Butterfly wings" song. We also took part in the life cycle of the Caterpillar yoga session.

We used our finger muscles to grip, pinch and post the coloured pom poms into bottles, we then reinforced the different colours with a sorting colour game on the Interactive whiteboard.

As it was Mental health awareness week, we made pictures for some local neighbours to brighten up their day, the School Nursery children posted them for us.

We continued to think about "Our Mary", we made special flowers for her and listened to a "Hail Mary" song. We chose someone to wear the Golden sweatshirt who had showed Honesty and Forgiveness.

Week beginning 2nd May 2022

The very hungry Caterpillar

Our book of the week has been "The very hungry Caterpillar", we have made caterpillars and butterflies from play dough, paint, and other collage materials. We have been on an exploring walk to see what bugs we could find,  we then got a delivery of our own caterpillars that we need to look after and see what happens.

We have looked at colours and sorted bears into their various coloured groups, we also looked at the size of the bears and said which was biggest and smallest.

We made sure to give our new seeds plenty of water to help them grow, there had been some sunshine, so we talked about why that was important.

We chose someone to wear the Golden sweatshirt who had shown honesty and forgiveness, and we talked about Our Mary, and made some special Mary's Grotto pictures.

Week beginning 25th April

Growing and planting

We have been busy planting seeds and beans this week, we talked about what they need to make them grow. 

We have read Jack and the beanstalk, and made beanstalks from stickle bricks and other construction resources. We sized different beanstalks and talked about which was the biggest and smallest.

We explored Heather in our outdoor mud kitchen, we smelled it and seen what it felt like.

We continued to talk about telling the truth, and chose someone to wear our special Golden sweatshirt.

Week beginning-20th April

St Georges Day

We welcomed the children back after their Easter break.

We spent the short week learning about St George, we made shields and dragons, and a castle made from Duplo.

We seen a cement mixer come to the house next door to the school, so went outside to watch it closer.

We talked about Easter and made a special Easter cross.

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