St Gregory & St Patrick's

Week beginning 4th July

Summer Holidays

We have enjoyed having lots of fun this week around our theme of Summer holidays, we set up a Fairground small world area, made ice cream collages, went on a walk and had a picnic, and we were lucky to be able to choose and enjoy an ice cream from our own ice cream parlour.

We explored lots of different textures in our exploring trays and enjoyed feeling the bark on the tree when we went for our walk.

We enjoyed painting with water outside, and watched the water dry up where we had painted.

We had to count the various underwater creatures on our game and try to recognise the correct number, we also had fun singing our song of the week which was "5 little ducks"

We chose someone to wear the Golden sweatshirt who had been generous and shared his toys with others.

Week beginning 27th June


We have been making the most of the Sunny weather, and continued to learn why it is important we keep safe in the sun, we learned and joined in with the "Sunscreen song" and made ice creams in the sand tray.  We sorted coloured pom poms into their corresponding matching coloured sea shell, and played with our small world beach scene.

We had fun bathing the babies in the water tray, and tried not to let ourselves get too wet in the process :-)

We had a very hands on week and explored lots of different textures, we had sensory feely bags on the malleable table and also explored gloop and finger paint, we had to say what it felt like.

When it was a rainy day, we decided to make an enormous picture for our parents and carers to see, so we used our paint sticks and then hung it up outside.

We made our own sandwiches for snack, and with the leftover bread, we decided to throw it outside for the birds, we were really pleased when a seagull came to eat it, so we watched from the window.

We chose someone to wear the Golden sweatshirt who remembered to say thank you. We also made our Thankful display in our Worship area with the special pictures we made.

Week beginning 20th June

Dinosaurs and Summer

All of the children have been interested in Dinosaurs, so we have had a dinosaur week and enjoyed lots of fun Dinosaur activities. We set up a small world Dino land, pretended we were Dinosaurs and joined in the Dinosaur dance, made Dinosaurs from play dough and listened to lots of Dinosaur stories.  It was exciting having frozen Dinosaur eggs in the water tray, as we had to work out how to free the Dinosaurs.

It was a lovely warm week, so we had lots of fun in the sun, we made and explored water balloons, washed the fence with soapy water and talked about keeping safe in the sun.

On Friday we dressed in green and collected food for the local foodbank, we  enjoyed taking it all to the main school ready for collection.

We chose someone to wear the Golden sweatshirt, and we all painted pictures of things we were thankful for, such as 'Our Mummy', the 'Sunshine' and 'Unicorns' :-)


Week beginning 13th June 2022


We have had a fun week exploring different animals this week.  We were lucky enough to get visits from Kobe the Staffie, and also Rox the American Bulldog.  A big thank you to their owners for bringing them to see us, we enjoyed stroking them and learning about what they eat and what they like to do.

We played with our small world farm, and moved like different animals to the "Animals in action" song.

We made our own sandwiches for snack, we buttered our bread and chose what filling we wanted.

We all enjoyed the sunny weather so had lots of time outside, we made dens and enjoyed splashing in the water tray.

It's Father's  day on Sunday, so we talked about the special men in our lives who look after us, and made special cards.

We made sure our plants and vegetables had plenty of water, and we looked at them to see how much they had grown.

We continued to learn our "Thank you Lord" hymn, and we talked about the things we were thankful for. We chose someone to wear the Golden sweatshirt who remembered to say "Thank you"

Week beginning-6th June 2022

Goldilocks and the three bears

We have enjoyed reading Goldilocks and the three bears this week, we have then had lots of learning experiences based on this.  We set our Three bears small world up, we sized different bears and worked out which was the smallest and the biggest, we also made our own porridge, and chose which toppings we wanted to go into it. 

We also read the story Noah's ark, then played with our small world Ark and paired up all of the animals.  Our new Gospel value for the term is Thankfulness and Generosity of gifts, we are starting to learn a new hymn called "Thank you Lord" and talking about what we are thankful for.  We chose someone to wear the Gospel sweatshirt who had shown they could be thankful.


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