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Reception Home Learning 

Reception learning is all about hands on, fun and practical activities, please try to make learning at home as enjoyable as possible, we have gathered lots of ideas for practical games you can play at home to support maths and reading. 

If you are isolating for 10 days this work is aimed at 10 days of learning your child would receive in class.

If you are unsure about any aspect of home learning please get in touch with your class teacher via Learning Book



In Reception during Spring 1 we are working on  Phase 3, for this we teach several sounds each week: please use the ideas below to help your child learn to recognise, write and use the sounds.

Use the four videos to recap the hard sounds ch, sh, th, ng and then use the different Tricky Word videos to learn those too. 

Session 1 Recapping ch 

 Session 2 Recap sh 

Session 3 Recap th

 Session 4 Recap ng 

Session 1 Tricky words 'I no go to the into'

Session 2 tricky words 'he, she, we, me'

Session 3 Tricky Words 'be, was, you, they'

Session 4 Tricky words 'all, are, my, her'

 e u r h b f l 

j v w x y z 

ch sh th ng

 ai ee igh oa 

oo ar or ur ow oi 

Phase 3 Tricky words 

Our Learning

Please download this document below to see which activities your child should try to complete for Art, ICT, Music, Geography and History 

 PE session with Mr Marshall


Please complete the homework set for the week your child is absent

Below are some links for some number games to play at home with lots of questions to ask your child to support their understanding.

 dice 2019.pdfDownload
 Number Talks 3.pdfDownload
 Pattern Making 2019.pdfDownload
 Show me 2019.pdfDownload
 The Box Game 2019 B.pdfDownload
 Wrapping Presents 2019.pdfDownload
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Some useful websites for Reception Home Learning 

Practical Offline Learning Activities  

We understand that not everyone has access to a computer all the time or may value some time away from looking at a computer screen. Below there is a list of practical activities that your child can do at home without using any technology


This term our focus is Traditional Tales:

Listen to Mrs Gillies sharing the story of Three Little Pigs, each session has some activities to complete throughout, share one each day you are absent from school  

 session1 Three Little Pigs

session 2 Three Little Pigs

session 3 Three Little Pigs

Session 4 3 Little Pigs

 Session 5 3 Little Pigs

Session 6  3 Little Pigs

Reading at home

Please follow the link below and use the Oxford Owl books to continue with reading at home: please remember to only read the books for the level your child is currently working on, this should be pink or red books.



Please find below a number session for each day of the week.

Watch in order starting from the first clip below, this term  we are learning all about numbers 6 and 7 and recapping patterns. For each session have a pen and piece of paper ready to use!

session 1-6

Session 2-6

Session 3-6

Session 4-7

session 5-7

 Session 1- Patterns

 Session 2- Patterns

Week 6 Session 3- Patterns 

 Session 4- Patterns

Look below for some Number activity inspiration 

Please find below a few ideas or phonics at home, you can carry out all of these activities with each letter we focus on in Phase 2 

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