St Gregory & St Patrick's

Breakfast and After School Clubs

St Gregory & St Patrick's School offer Breakfast and After School club to all of our children. 

Breakfast Club 

Breakfast Club starts from 7.30am. We offer a wide selection of food for the children to have for breakfast and then they can play, watch TV, chat with friends until school starts. 

For children who attend St Begh's Catholic Junior School we offer the same as above and our staff take the children down to St Begh's for school starting. 


After School Club 

Our after school club runs from school finishing time 3.10pm until 5.30pm. 

For children from St Begh's who wish to attend , our staff will collect from St Begh's and bring back to our school. 


For prices and more information, or to book a place please contact the school office. 

Tel: 01946595010



Esk Avenue, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 8AJ

01946 595010