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Our vision for History is to provide a high-quality History education that helps children discover and explore the past and the past within their own living memory.

 The skills and knowledge children gain in history will systematically progress throughout their Early Years and KS1 education. By following these small steps found on the curriculum overview, children will be able to access History in ways relevant to their age from Pre-Nursery to Year 2.

 Our History curriculum has been designed to give children opportunities to discover the past through links to our local area that help children embed skills and knowledge in a way that is relevant and personal to them.

 Historical enquiry is further enhanced with trips related to the topic, whole school learning days and visitors. This gives our childrens experiences they can relate to, enabling them to make strong connections between their History topics and understanding of historical people through an experience based curriculum.

Curriculum Map 


KS1 History


In Year Two we have been learning about famous historic explorers. We have been learning about Robert Falcon Scott who explored the Antarctic. To introduce us to the concept of being explorers we visited Stockwood, where we took part in several outdoor activities learning how to be explorers!

Whole school History days

Throughout the year we take part in whole school History days. We swap between several classes throughout the school to be given a wide range of experiences linked to the topic specific day. Below are some of our History days so far. 

Black History Month


During our swap around day for Black History month children were introduced to a wide range of influential men and women. Children swapped classes and took part in several activities that reflected the historic people they were learning about. One of the people we looked at was Marcus Rashford and his incredible charity work, we brought in hundreds of tins that we donated to our local foodbank! 


Remembrance Day


Every year we celebrate and learn about Remembrance day. We learned poems and created beautiful art throughout the day.

History Knowledge Organisers 

Our History topic knowledge organisers are filled with essential knowledge that will be taught during each topic. They outline the skills and knowledge that children will acquire during each year group and each new topic. They are shared with parents and carers to enable them to take an active role in supporting their childs history learning. 

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