St Gregory & St Patrick's

Summer one

Week one and two

Minibeasts (Caterpillars)

We welcomed the children back into Pre Nursery after their Easter holidays. Some of our children who are now 3, transitioned into Fledglings. Our Fledglings will do their own special learning each day, alongside the children who are 2.

We received a special delivery of 5 baby caterpillars. So we had lots of learning experiences based on this, we made our own caterpillars out of play dough, used our finger muscles to explore and make our own caterpillars out of spaghetti, we read the "Very hungry caterpillar" and also the "Munching crunching caterpillar" In our investigating tray we had soil, leaves and made caterpillars from pipe cleaners, we also went bug hunting outside with our magnifying glasses to see what we could see.

We fed a giant caterpillar the various foods from the story in the home corner.

In our Maths area, we made a patterned caterpillar of red, green, red, green, and we counted how many body parts we had given him.

Our Gospel value for this term is Honesty and forgiveness, so each week we will choose someone to wear our Golden sweatshirt.


Summer One

Week three

Minibeasts (Tadpoles)

This week we have been exploring Butterflies, we have made some Butterfly suncatchers, printed and painted big Butterflies, explored the life cycle of a Butterfly in our exploring tray and danced like a Butterfly in our music and movement session.

We were excited to see our Caterpillars had turned into cocoons, so we moved them carefully into our net ready for the next stage.  We  are going to look at them every day to see if anything is changing.

We went bug hunting outdoors, we found spiders, wood lice and worms, we also made a new bug hotel which we are going to check next week to see if we have any new residents.

We made our own snack of sandwiches, we buttered our own bread and chose the filling, the best part was eating it :-)

The Fledgling group focused on Ladybirds this week, they have been enjoying going for their separate learning times.

Summer One

Week four


This week we have continued to look at Minibeasts, we have focused on frogs, as we looked at tadpoles last week. We made frogs in our creative area, sang 5 little speckled frogs, read the teeny weeny tadpole and explored frogs and frogspawn in our sensory tray.

We went bug hunting, found some worms, which we put in our wormery, we have them fresh leaves to eat and made sure they had lots of nice moist soil, we are going to keep looking at them to see how they move.

We drew around our fingers on a large whiteboard and counted our fingers, we found we had 10

fingers on both hands, we then read one of our spine books "Ten fingers, ten toes".

We used our listening skills and listened to various animal noises to see if we could work out

which animal made the noise, we also tried to match shapes on our shape sorting game.

We played musical instruments and listened to the instructions: "Go" and "Stop"

We were very excited to get a visit from a motorbike, we got to look at it close up, listen to

the engine and sit on the seat :-)

May is the month of our Lady Mary, we made special pictures so we could think about her and

say our prayers to her.

We planted seeds in our outdoor boxes, we are going to take great care of them and see what

happens over the next few weeks.

Summer one

Week five

Minibeasts (Spiders)

We have continued learning about Minibeasts this week, and focused on spiders, we learned they have 8 legs, we painted and drew Spiders, explored an Incey Wincey themed tray and put spiders in and out of drain pipes, we made marks in soap flakes which looked like spider webs, and we went on a spider hunt outdoors. We also enjoyed putting paint on our hands and making handprint spiders.

We made some healthy flapjack for our snack and also made our own sandwiches. 

We were very excited to be able to release our butterflies, we watched them fly away :-)

In our outdoors mud kitchen, we had a tea shop, we squeezed tea bags and lemons to make special cups of tea, we poured, mixed and stirred.

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