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Little bit of background as to how writing works in Nursery and Reception

  • Writing is included in lots of different provision around the classroom
  • Children have many opportunities to write in and outside of school
  • The children enjoy lots of fantastic experiences to help with their writing
  • Teachers find using actions and speaking stories helps the children write at a better standard
  • The children record their handwriting, weekend news and story writing in books once a week
  • The children practise their handwriting on a daily basis




















  • Understand that what they say can be written down
  • See their name written down
  • Write for a purpose
  • Are exposed to lots of high quality texts and encourage each child to believe in
  • Planning to write by saying out loud what it is they intend to write
  • Are able to read some of what they have written
  • Discuss what they have written to other pupils/teachers
  • Ensure there are opportunities for writing in all areas of the curriculum
  • Ensure that the children write for a real purpose (give our children real life experiences*)
  • Teach the children how to proof-read and check their writing makes sense and then, in Year 2,  how to make revisions and additions  so they can improve their writing

Our amazing real life experiences

Welcome to our

Writing curriculum page

A writing journey from pre-nursery to Year 2 begins here... Writing is is highly valued at St Gregory and St Patrick's Catholic Infant School and is closely linked to our phonics and reading throughout the school. Our staff aim for the same endpoint - children who write clearly, accurately and coherently for a wide range of purposes.  We aim for our children to develop good handwriting using accurate spelling.  Our choice of high quality texts and opportunities for first hand experiences is designed to inspire our cohort of children to want to compose stories and ideas, both orally and in writing.

Our curriculum map shows how our writing has progression from Nursery up until Year 2 and how it links closely to the National Curriculum ↓


Curriculum intent

All staff have a clear understanding of the progress and curriculum intent for writing, handwriting and phonics which links closely to our whole school curriculum map. The intent is that all children progress through the intent objectives and leave St Gregory and St Patrick's as confident writers.



  • Mastered the use of an effective pencil grip
  • Begin to form recognisable letters
  • Begins to use anticlockwise movement and retrace vertical lines.
  • Uses a pencil and uses it form some recognisable letters
  • Know and have the ability to form lower case letters of the correct orientation and size relative to one another, with appropriate ascenders and descenders
  • Understand which letters belong to which handwriting families*
  • The understanding of when to use capital letters and how to form these correctly
  • The understanding of how to form digits 0-9 with correct orientation
  • A sense of pride in the presentation of their work, and an understanding of the importance of clear and neat handwriting in order to communicate meaning clearly

Our handwriting families 

Little bit of background as to how writing works in Year 1 and Year 2 

  • Writing is included in provision in Year 1
  • Children have lots of opportunities to write in other subjects in Year 2 such as RE, Topic, etc
  • Children write 4 times a week in both Year 1 and Year 2
  • The 4th piece of writing is recorded in a separate book which helps us plan for future lessons
  • The children enjoy lots of exciting experiences to aid their writing 
  • The teachers in Year 1 and Year 2 teach handwriting seperately from writing lessons 














  • Hear, say  and write initial sounds in words
  • Write words in ways which match their spoken sounds (what they can hear)
  • Write some irregular words (tricky words)'
  • Spell words containing sounds already taught and apply to their writing
  • Spell common exception words in their writing
  • Apply simple spelling rules when writing
  • Proof reading for spelling errors within their writing

Our phonics sounds that we use in our writing from Nursery to Year 2

 Useful links for parents wanting to find out more about writing



Useful apps for our fabulous children who love to learn on their tablets!

Letter school- This helps children form letters and write numbers 1-9

iTrace- Handwriting formation

Narrator AR- Encourages children to write words

Diary for kids- Fantastic way to take pictures and encourage children to write a letter/ word or sentence about it


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