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We aim to provide a broad and inclusive music curriculum. We plan music which allows for development throughout the year groups, building on previous learning. Each year we provide children with opportunity to play musical instruments, such as Glockenspiel and Recorders, learn and perform song and also perform their Christmas plays. 

All of our planning is chosen through the Charanga Original Scheme which follows the National Curriculum for music in key stage 1. When planning we select our focus song based on our year group topic, this allows for cross curriculum links and learning. 

Curriculum Map. 

Within this document you can find information which outlines the learning of the music curriculum from Pre-nursery up into Year 2.

Music Appreciation. 

Throughout the school we use Charangas musical calendar to select different genres, artists and titles to focus on each week through listen and appraisals. Within Pre-Nursery and Nursery each week focuses on a different nursery rhyme linked to the season or their chosen topic. Reception and Key Stage 1 follow the music calendar, this provides children with the opportunity to explore and listen to a range of artists and genres ranging from Harry Potter theme tunes to classical music. 

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Pre-Nursery have been enjoying exploring different instruments! They have been exploring the different sounds they make and have been using them to play along to their favourite songs. 

Year One

Year One have loved learning different songs through Charanga, we have learnt how to keep the beat and pulse in a song and began learning notes on the Glockenspiel! We have also began learning how to play the Glockenspiel in the songs we have learnt to sing!

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