St Gregory & St Patrick's



Reg Charity No 1067541

Shopping List

We can ONLY put in our

boxes items from this list.

No Low Calorie Foods please.

* Fruit Juice (1ltr carton UHT)

* Tomatoes (Tinned or Carton)

* Tinned Fruit

* Tinned Vegetables

* Tinned Meat

* Tinned Fish

* Rice Pudding (Tinned)

* Cereal (Medium 500g ONLY)

* Pasta Sauces (jars or sachets)

* Sugar (small and large bags)

* Pasta (Medium bags of dried pasta. NO sachets of ‘pasta & sauce’ mixes)

* Milk (Full Fat or Semi- Skimmed UHT)

* Sponge Pudding (Tinned)

* Biscuits or snack bars

* Tea Bags/Instant Coffee (Medium or small)

* Jam (not homemade)

* Instant Mash Potato


We give out the food in bags for life, if you could give donate one with your shopping that would be great.

North Lakes Foodbank

The food bank have celebrated 10 years and as part of their celebration we held a 'Green Day' and children were asked to donate a tin.

With donations, we were asked to form the letter 'N', we had so many donations we carried on!


Every year we collect for the foodbank.

 We always have a fantastic response, thank you to everyone who donates!

Esk Avenue, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 8AJ

01946 595010