St Gregory & St Patrick's

Meet the Nursery Team

A quick look at our wonderful Nursery!

Here are some of the areas we have inside our Nursery. 

We have lots of areas in Nursery such as:

  • Sand
  • Water
  • Play Dough
  • Home Corner
  • Reading Corner
  • Role Play
  • Maths
  • Small World
  • Writing
  • Self serve snack 
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Prayer Space
  • Painting
  • Creative
  • Construction and Deconstruction
  • Curiosity Cube
  • Finger Gym
  • ICT and Music
  • Emotions Mirror
  • Sensory Room


Here are some of the areas we have in our Nursery Garden. 

In our Nursery Garden we have: 

  • Mud Kitchen and Café
  • Herb and Vegetable Patch
  • Wildlife Area with Bug Hotel
  • Camping Area
  • Bikes
  • Canoes
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Reading Tepee
  • Climbing and Obstacle Courses
  • Small World
  • Maths
  • Writing
  • Climbing Roundabout, Rockers and Slide
  • Painting
  • Construction
  • Music Wall
  • Performance Stage

What our pupils say about Nursery

“We learn numbers, sounds, shapes and phonics.”

“We learn how to be caring.”

“I love Nursery.”

“We learn to paint and take turns.”

“We play with everyone.”

“Be kind and share.”

“I build houses with my friends.”

“Being outside makes me happy.”

“I love making new friends.”

“We learn to be gentle like Jesus.”

“We all play together and give each other hugs.”

What our parents and carers say about Nursery

“Large Nursery environment, lots for children to do. Friendly, approachable staff.”

 “The staff are lovely and great with the children and the parents.”

“The children get to do a wide range of activities.”

“Great staff. Committed and caring.”

 “Really happy with the school. My daughter loves Nursery and all the learning activities. Nursery staff do an amazing job!”

“...enjoys coming to Nursery and never says she doesn’t want to go. This is down to the friendly faces and warm welcomes from all the staff. When ... talks to her little brother about Nursery she is very proud.”

Weekly Lunch Menus

Squiggle and Wiggle

 In Nursery we love 'Squiggle and Wiggle' time! This helps the children strengthen their gross and fine motor skills to get ready for writing. Here is a video of us forming circles using ribbons, pens and shaving foam!

Mental Health Awareness Week

Nursery have had a fantastic time making our lovely neighbours hearts to make them smile. We went along Esk Avenue posting them through letterboxes to brighten people's day. We hope our hearts make people as happy as it made us making them. 

Esk Avenue, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 8AJ

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