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Year group knowledge organisers...

Download the relevant document for your child's year group below.

These knowledge organisers will give you information about what your child will be learning about in school. There are key words to try and remember, links to scripture as well as a list of things that your child will learn about by the end of the topic.

This term Receptions topic is 'Myself', Year 1's topic is 'Families' and year 2's topic is 'Beginnings'.

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This is the overview of our topics in RE for the year. 

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Promoting Christian Gospel Values in our School”


The Social, Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Development of pupils is very important to us at St. Gregory & St. Patrick’s Catholic Infants School. One way in which we foster this is by promoting our “Gospel Values” every half term during our weekly whole school Gospel assembly and encouraging the children to use the values as an important focus during the daily life of the school. Our policies, procedures and daily teaching are underpinned by these values.

The Gospel Values we use are:

Autumn 1 – Love – Children experience God’s love and show God’s love. Something that is outgoing and not just focussed on themselves.

Autumn 2 – Kindness – How to be compassionate towards others, near and far, especially the less fortunate.

Spring 1 – Gentleness – Treating others in a non-violent way, respectful way.

Spring 2 – Hope – Learning how to be resilient and persevere, about loss and gain, and having faith in the future.

Summer 1 – Honesty and Forgiveness – Standing up for what is right. How to reconcile with others.

Summer 2 – Gratefulness and Generous of Gifts – being grateful for their own gifts, for the gifts of other people, and for the blessings of each day; and becoming generous with their gifts as they grow up.


Essentially, we aspire for our children to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and to learn to treat each other how we they would like to be treated.

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” Matthew 7:12

Children who display the gospel values in their everyday lives are rewarded with badges linked to the particular focus of that half term. Golden sweatshirts are also allocated to those who have  shown a consistent consideration of the Gospel Value during the week during our Celebration Assembly on a Friday morning and may then be chosen to take home their class Prayer Bag.




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