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St Gregory and St Patrick's Catholic Infant School's Science vision

Here at St Gregory and St Patrick's, we pride ourselves upon all children enjoying Science; perceiving it as ‘fun’ 'educational' and ‘exciting’.

Throughout Pre-Nursery, right the way through to Year 2, the children are engaged in their learning through practical ‘hands-on’ activities and clear progression is made/build upon their prior knowledge. We love how curious our children are and we always encourage them to ask questions; exploring their own ideas and understanding.

In Nursery, children begin to use scientific vocabulary to talk about their learning; this is further developed throughout the school and once they reach Year 2, they can use scientific vocabulary confidently and appropriately.

 As a school, we think it is extremely important that all children have the opportunity to use a range of scientific equipment and resources (including ICT), which are appropriate and relevant for for the topics that they will be covering each term. At the beginning of each new topic, each class, from Pre-Nursery- Year 2, introduce their topic through the use of a 'Curiosity Cube'. This gives children the opportunity to explore what is inside of the cube, why it might be in there and how the items all link with one another. before their topic begins.

Science lessons throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1, allow the children to work independently, collaboratively as a whole class, in pairs and in a team and everyone has an active role in each lesson. Each Scientific topic, gives the children the opportunity to learn how to investigate and this contributes towards the children leading their own enquiries.

The Early Years Foundation Stage delivers Science opportunities/ lessons which link to the ELG 'Understanding of the World' and Key Stage 1 children follow the National Curriculum. Each lesson is purposeful, relevant and they link to each objective that needs to be met at the end of each topic. 

Learning in our school is recorded in a variety of ways; allowing children time to discuss, predict, explore, record and evaluate. 

Science in EYFS

Our Foundation Stage incorporates a ‘hands-on’ approach, where both curiosity and exploration are at the heart of every scientific aspect. The ‘Early Learning Goal’ ‘Understanding the world’, is one of the most fundamental objectives that feeds into the children’s skills for enquiry further on in our school. Children are encouraged to develop their scientific skills through careful observations, investigations, experimenting, measuring, comparing and questioning. We aim to provide children with a range of opportunities where they are encouraged to make predictions, carry out fair tests, use scientific vocabulary, and technology. We nurture and promote a sense of responsibility in all children to care and respect their surroundings and all living things.

Science Week

For Science Week, Reception carried out lots of experiments at home for homework. As you can see it was a very popular task, the children had lots of fun!

During Science Week 2022 Nursery completed a variety of different science activities in school and this prompted children to ask parents to complete some science experiments at home! They were so enthusiastic! 

Nursery and Year 1 planting together

The Year 1 children came down to Nursery to help plant our seeds that we bought on our trip to the garden centre. They did a fabulous job and we now have a wonderful herb garden and vegetable patch that we will continue to care for. We will also keep the Year 1's up to date with the growing progress!

Science in KS1

In Key Stage 1, the National Curriculum is split into different areas. These include: Plants, Animals including humans, Living things and their habitats, Materials and Seasonal Changes. These areas are taught over the course of Year 1 and Year 2.

Our Key Stage 1 pupils enjoy a range of learning activities and carry out lots of practical experiments and enquires. Children are encouraged to make predictions and discuss their choices. We ensure all children have an active role in Science lessons and when children are questioned about Science they say that it is "fun" and "you try things out."

Science Policy

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