St Gregory & St Patrick's

Celebration Assembly


Golden Sweatshirts & Star Learners


Well done to the children who have been chosen to wear the golden sweatshirts.

Our gospel golden value for this half term is 'Honesty and forgiveness'.

Well done to our Star Learners who have had their lunch on the Captains Table this term.

Gospel Values 

Autumn 1- Love

Autumn 2- Kindness

Spring 1- Gentle

Spring 2- Hope

Summer 1- Honesty and forgiveness 

Summer 2- Grateful and Generous of gifts. 

Team Points



As part of our whole school reward system, we have divided the school into 4 colour teams - red, yellow, blue and green.  Your child has been given a team which they will remain in throughout their time at our school.

All members of staff in school are also allocated to a team.

All adults in school award team points for success, positive attitude towards learning, respect and excellent behaviour.

Each Friday the points are totalled and the results announced during our Celebration Assembly and a trophy awarded to the winning team.

At the end of each half term the winning team win an extra reward. 

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