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On this page you will find out lots of different information about what goes on in our lovely Year classes: including important days to remember, activities that we are taking part in, how you can help your child at home and we may even put up some examples of our fantastic learning!

Important days:


Reading books go home every Friday and need to be back in school on Tuesday's.

We have PE on Tuesday.

Autumn Term 1


Our trip to the library: We had a lovely time at the library where we investigated all the exciting books and genres on offer. We enjoyed reading some books with our teachers. In year one we love to go to the Whitehaven library regular and visit our own school and class library each week as it builds self-esteem, improves vocabulary, feeds our imagination and even improves sleeping patterns. We are excited to hear all about your trips to the library too! 

Art: We have been enjoying our weekly art sessions learning all about using lines to create pieces of artwork and sculptures.  Firstly we learned about different types of lines and experimented drawing wavy, zigzag, straight, thin, thick and swirly lines. We enjoyed drawing pictures using different types of lines and then draw a self portrait of ourselves. We used mirrors to look at ourselves and discussed how to draw our facial features in the correct place. Our teachers were really impressed with our artwork and we could talk about the lines and techniques that we used in our drawings. Finally we investigated how to us scored lines to join pieces of clay together to make a sculpture of ourselves; using our self portrait as a guideline to follow.  

Science: We have been learning all about the human body. Firstly we learned some of our body parts and how  we are all different.  After this we have been investigating our 5 senses and how they help us understand the world around us; we have been talking about which sense we think is the most important and why. 

Maths: We have been working hard on our knowledge of place value within 10. We started off the term sorting, counting and representing objects in lots of different ways . Each day we have been practicing our counting, both forwards and backwards and starting from different numbers.  Once everyone was secure with this, we moved onto finding one more and one less than a given number within 10 and comparing and ordering number.  Towards the end of the first half term, we investigated the part-whole model and practiced writing number sentences using the correct symbols (+ =).  Finally we learned about addition fact families and discovered that addition is commutative and the parts can be added in any order ( 2+3=5 3+2=5 5=3+2 5=2+3). 

English: We have been working very hand on the presentation of our handwriting and forming our letters correctly. We enjoyed reading lots of stories and using these as inspiration for our experiences and writing.  We rea Shh! We have a plan and enjoyed making our own plan and going to the park to catch some animals just like in the story. We then enjoyed writing about our trip to the part and all the animals we caught. We also enjoyed the Book Silly Billy and made our own worry dolls. We then wrote all about our worry dolls focusing on sitting our letters on the line and using finger spaces. 

Physical Education: coming soon......

Computing:coming soon....

Geography: We have been investigating different maps and views from above. We have enjoyed using Google earth to look a aerial views of our town and school area. We worked together to use pre-cut shapes to make our own aerial map of our classroom before moving onto making a map of our school grounds. After this, we looked at symbols and how to use them and enjoyed design our own dream school grounds and adding our own symbols o represent features on our map; we had some amazing dream school grounds with swimming pools, beaches, castles and picnic areas! 

Autumn Term 2

 Meeting an author: coming soon.....

Visiting Morisons Bakery: coming soon.....

A visit from our PCSO: coming soon.....

History: coming soon....




Design and technology: coming soon....

Physical Education: coming soon......

Computing:coming soon....

Autumn term knowledge organisers:

Esk Avenue, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 8AJ

01946 595010