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Nursery learning is all about hands on, fun and practical activities. Please try to make learning at home as enjoyable as possible. We have gathered lots of ideas for practical games you can play at home to support maths and reading. 

This page is to support learning at home if your child is absent from school for a long period of time. Planning will be updated weekly and will be linked to the focus text we are using in Nursery.  

If you are unsure of anything at all please get in touch via Learning Book.

For further phonics ideas to support your child's learning, please follow the link below and download some of the Phase 1 phonic idea pages


Home Learning Tasks

If your child is isolating from school please use the Home Learning below:

WB 31.1.22

Our Favourite Stories... 

Mrs Fishers favourite book, Peace at Last 

Miss Lambs Favourite story. Were Going on a Bear Hunt 

Miss Langton's favourite book, Owl Babies 

Superto, Mrs Gillies favourite Book 

Miss Cockbains favourite story: The Gruffalo's Child

Dough Disco with Miss Moffitt 

Numbers Sessions More and Less 

Maths Session: matching sets of items to the correct numeral 

Number Session: All About 5 

Numbers Session: counting 

 Number Session: number recognition 

Phonics Learning: listening for sounds 

Phonics Learning: mark making 

Phonics Learning: Rhyme

Phonics learning: Initial Sounds

Phonics Learning: Blending sounds


Learning challenges 

Some Home Learning Challenge Ideas:

Home Learning Challenges

Home Learning Challenges:


Useful Websites

Phonics play

Lots of great games for free: focus on phase 1.

Jolly phonics

All of the jingles we learn to sing alongside all sounds we have been learning.

On YouTube type in ‘Jolly Phonics Phase 2’.

Phonics Bloom

Fun reading games:

Read with Phonics

Learning to read words (some sounds are muddled up within phases)


A fun way to learn sounds, watch the different episodes


Watch all the fun episodes and learn numbers 1-10


Lots of great games to practice counting

Dough Disco

Exercises to help pencil control skills: all you need to play along is a pot of play dough!

The Imagination Tree

Activities that will help your child improve their fine/ gross motor skills

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga, stories, mindfulness, relaxation and dance videos

Phunky Foods

Find some simple healthy recipes you and your child can make together.

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Password: phunky

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