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Pre Nursery offers a nurturing and learning environment for children aged two years old.

They can then transition over to the School Nursery the term after they turn three. 


'Our vision is that every child who attends our setting, receives the best possible start in life,

and they will be encouraged and supported every step of the way to reach their full potential'.


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Autumn two

Week three

Week beginning 13th November 2023

World nursery rhyme week


Children in Need

The children had such a busy week celebrating the above special occasions. We learned a new nursery rhyme each day, and took part in lots of different activities related to the rhyme. 

We also learned about Diwali, we made special tea light holders, and talked about this special "Festival of light"

We ended the week with Children in need. We talked and learned about how everyone cannot afford the things that we can, we dressed up, made special Pudsey cakes, and danced with Pudsey.

Our other learning throughout the week seen us threading pasta to get our funky fingers working, we also practiced our scissor skills for the same reason. 

We followed one child's interest of Princesses and made crowns, we then danced and acted like princesses for the day :-)

What a busy week!

Autumn two

Week two

Week beginning 6th November 2023

Remembrance day

This week we have learned about the importance of Remembrance day, we have made lots of Poppy related crafts, used our fingers to scoop up red cornflakes, and made Poppies from play dough. We had two minutes silence where we spent time thinking about the people who dies for us in the War.

We had a special visit from Baby Nava, who is Raphaela's new baby sister, we looked at how small she was, and Charlotte was kind enough to let us hold her. Thank you :-)

In P.E, we crawled through tunnels and balanced on the benches, we also worked on running fast and slow.

Autumn two

Week one

W.B-30th October 2023

Celebrations (Halloween/Bonfire night)

We have had a very busy week enjoying our Halloween and Bonfire night celebrations.  We had a fancy dress day for Halloween, we made spooky collage ghosts, had a visit from Alan the Alien, used our finger muscles to scoop and fill pumpkin bottles, played pass the Ghost and made pumpkins from our play dough.

We then moved onto Bonfire night, we used our  imagination and pretended we were making a bonfire from sticks and twigs, we made sparkly firework pictures, we made marks in our firework sensory tray, and we enjoyed making sparkler breadsticks which we enjoyed for our snack. We used our listening skills to listen to fireworks on the Smartboard, we said if they were loud or quiet.

We also visited the library van, we enjoyed sharing a story there and we got to exchange our books.

Our books for the week were Room on the broom and Meg and Mog.


Autumn one

Week six/seven

W.B-9thand 16th October 2023

Autumn and Autumnal changes

We looked closely at what was happening around us, the changes we could see, we walked along the cycle track to look at the colour of the leaves on the trees, and also noticed a lot of the leaves were on the ground. We collected leaves, conkers and pine cones. We also asked parents to do the same on any walks they had done, and we put everything we found in our exploring tray. We noticed a lot of conkers were “Spiky” We also used our fingers to pull pretend leaves off a painted tree, we then enjoyed putting them back on, so we could pull them back off again.

We made Autumnal inspired play dough, and pressed leaves and sticks into it, painted with colours we had seen on our walk, emptied, filled and counted conkers in our maths area, and squeezed and squashed Autumn sensory bags. We collected food for the Harvest appeal foodbank, and talked about how this helped out people who could not always afford food.

We made Phunky foods apple muffins, which tasted delicious


Autumn One

Week five

W.B-2nd October 2023

Living things

This week we have been looking at living things. We have been bug hunting in the garden, looking in our insect house to see if any new insects have crept in, and found some worms for our wormery.

We also set up an exploring tray with soil, leaves and pretend insects and animals, we then looked at factual books about these insects and animals, to see what we could find out. We also made our own creatures in the creative area and also malleable area. We joined in with the Bug and roll dance in our music and movement session, and also used our listening skills to work out if the music was “fast” or “slow”

We had real life visits from Brody the dog, and Bella the Tortoise. We compared how different they were in size, one was “Enormous” and the other was “Small”

We made marks with chalk and blackboards, and got our fingers working with tweezers and pipe cleaner worms.

We worked on throwing, catching and balancing in our P.E sessions


Autumn one

Week four

W.B-25th September 2023

Fantasy figures and role models

This week we have been celebrating our favourite fantasy figures and role models.

We set up our fairy-tale castle in our small world area, danced and sang along with microphones to our favourite songs such as “Let it go” and “Bibbity, bobbity boo” We made magic wands in our creative area, and magical potions in the water tray, we also had fun dressing up in the role play.

We were lucky to have a visit from a Fire engine, where the Fire fighters could talk to us about their special roles and the jobs they had to do.

We got our fingers working with bead frames and inset puzzles, which also linked into our Maths curriculum.

Autumn One

Week three

W.B-18th September 2023

Arctic animals

My family

The weather changed a little colder, and one of our children had also had a visit to a zoo the previous week, and enjoyed seeing the penguins This prompted our theme of Arctic animals.  We explored ice, and seen if it melted quicker inside or outside, we also set up a small world scene with penguins and Eskimos. We made different animals from play dough, and learned the Penguin dance. We also watched real live Penguins from the Edinburgh special Zoo cam.

We developed our fine manipulative skills by cutting catalogue pages, and also using tweezers to pick up pom poms.

The children all brought in family photographs so we could display these in our home corner, we talked about who were special to us, and why we loved them, we linked this to one of our stories of the week-"Guess how much I love you"

We practiced our throwing skills in our P.E session.

Autumn One

Week One/two

W.B-6th and 11th September

Settling in/Welcome

We have welcomed the children back after their Summer break. We focused on settling the children back into their routine and reinforcing the rules of the room. We had quite a few new starters, so we wanted them to feel as safe and secure as we could.

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