St Gregory & St Patrick's

Spring 1 News Letter

Knowledge Organiser Spring 1

Week 4

This week we have taken part in the Great British Clean up we have been cleaning around our local area in school. The council provided us with litter pickers and gloves, the children showed great perseverance using them. We have also carried out some observational drawings of spring flowers that have started to grow in our pots outside. We wrote some thank you letters to Farmer Kev regarding our visit on the farm. Carried out an ‘eggsperiment’ to determine which material would best protect humpty dumpty the egg when he fell of the wall. Finally, we have worked with Year 1 and 2 looking at our purple progress writing books and checking out how excellent we are becoming at writing.

Week 3

This week we have 

Week 2

This week we have 

Week 1

This week we have started our topic about 'Growing'. We have been planting beans, daffodils and pansies. We have also set up an experiment and made lots of predictions to see what happens to the top of a carrot overtime as it sits in water. We are now in the season of Lent and our prayer tables have changed to purple. We talked about how during Lent we try to grow more like God and Jesus by giving or giving something up. We made a special Lenten tree and made some lent promises to put on it. It was also World Book Day! We carried out lots of fun activities and came to school dressed as our favourite characters or in our comfy pyjamas. The children all looked amazing!

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

What a week! We have been so busy. Chinese New Year, Garden Bird Watch, Three Little PIgs, Little Red Riding Hood and so much more. 

Week 3

This week we have continued our learning about The Gingerbread Man we made puppets, took him on our Bus trip and even wrote an alternative story.

In maths we have been learning about measurement.

Mass - We used scales to find out if something is heavy, light or balanced.

Capacity - We used liquids and different containers to compare capacity.

As part of our learning for History and Communities we went on a local Stage Coach Double Decker bus. The children were great at spotting different sights around town and they could even tell us where they lived

In RE we have been talking about the importance of the church and why we go there and what we can celebrate in there. Have a look at our drawings of churches.  

This term in PE we are continuing to practise our ball skills. This week Mr Marshall came in to teach us.

In the afternoons we have been singing and exploring pitch, making puppets, making images move and using the beebots navigating them around our traditional tale map.  

Week 2

This week when we came into class there were crumbs of the Gingerbread Man all over the floor! We think the sneaky fox had gobbled him up. We have read the Gingerbread Man story, made a class story map following the Gingerbread Mans journey and had a go at retelling and writing the story.

In maths we have been learning about 4 and 5. We have been exploring different ways to make 4 and different ways to make 5. We also ordered numbers 0-5.

We visited the library this week and the librarian read a story to us. We also got to choose our own stories to read and share. Our parents picked us up from there and some of us signed up to be members of the library; this means we can now take books home with our special card.

In RE we have made a special New Year’s Resolution about what we would like to get better at in school this year.

During phunky foods we have been making porridge like in the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We all had a go at pouring, mixing and tasting it. We had a choice of different toppings raisins, jam, honey and apples.

This term in PE we are practising our ball skills. During this week’s lesson we practised kicking and stopping the ball.

In the afternoons we have been busy doing all things Gingerbread Man related. In Science we predicted and carried out an experiment to find out what happens to the GBM when put into different liquids. For EAD we made our own split pin Gingerbread Man. We used scissors, a hole punch and split pins.

Week 1

We have just came back to school this week after what sounded like an amazing Christmas! The children have enjoyed talking and writing about their celebrations and the presents they received.

In maths we have been learning about zero and now have some understanding that zero is the absence of something and it means there are none left or they have all gone.

We visited church this week to celebrate the Epiphany; when the Three Kings finally arrived to meet baby Jesus.  The children loved looking at the churches Christmas decorations, talking to Father Richard and we took part in a Prayer and Liturgy lesson there too.

We have made crowns like the Kings, role played the Kings journey to Bethlehem and painted some fantastic pictures of the camels.


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