St Gregory & St Patrick's

Spring two

Week four-20th March 2023

Science week

We have spent the week conducting lots of science experiments and exploring changes. We had watched what happens when we cook popping corn, melted chocolate for cakes, explored gloop, made oil and water bottles and had lots of fun investigating what was metal and magnetic. We also explored ice and watched it melt, and listened to lots of environmental sounds to work out what made the noise.

Spring two

Week three-13th March 2023

Mother's Day and St Patricks day

We had a busy week celebrating both Mother's Day and also St Patricks day.

We made special cards and pictures for the females who were special to us, we read the story: "Why I love my Mummy" and talked about why we loved our Mummies too.

We then explored a St Patricks day themed sensory tray, used our fine manipulative skills to pick up the various resources, used our senses to feel what they were like and also talked about what we could see.

We danced and joined in with Irish music and watched how children celebrated St Patrick's Day in Ireland.

Spring two

Week two-6th March 2023

Season changes

re nursery started the week looking and exploring spring flowers, we used all our sense to explore them. We also enjoyed catching and throwing in P.E. We enjoyed our new sorting table, and working out what fitted in each hole.
We were then so excited to see it snow, so we had lots of fun exploring the snow. ⛄️⛄️

Spring two

Week one-27th February 2023

World book day

We celebrated our love for reading, stories and books this week by joining with World book day, we had lots of activities connected with our favourite stories-We made Elmer colourful collages, made Gingerbread men from play dough, used our cutting skills to cut our favourite Gruffalo characters, and all dressed as our favourite characters from well known books.

We also practiced throwing, kicking and catching in our PE lesson, threaded pasta to get our fingers working, and recycled all of our plastic so it could get made into new plastic.

Week one and two

Settling in

Week beginning 4th January 2023 and 9th January 2023

We have welcomed the Children back after our Christmas break, and also welcomed some new children, so we have spent time reinforcing our daily routine, settling our new starters, and explored the story: "Were going on a bear hunt"

We showed how independent we can be, by sweeping up and washing our snack dishes. We looked at "heavy" and "light" with our weighing scales, and practiced our cutting skills with leaves and scissors. We also enjoyed mixing our own colours in the painting area.

Our new Gospel value for this term is "Gentleness", so we chose someone to wear our Golden sweatshirt who had shown this.


Week three

Week beginning 16th January 2023


Mixing colour

We have followed Children's interests of trucks this week, so have had lots of learning opportunities based around this theme. We have explored the story "Dazzling diggers" and made with a small world scene with trucks, blocks, ramps and soil, we have made paint tracks with truck wheels, and counted how many trucks and cars we could park up in our maths area. We also pretended we were construction machines and danced along to music.

We also continued to explore colour by mixing different coloured water in the water tray, we watched how the colours mixed together.

We reinforced our learning from last week, and felt how "Heavy" and "light" various items were from around our room, we found the milk was really heavy!

We continued with our Gospel value of being Gentle, and chose someone to wear the Golden sweatshirt.

Week four

Week beginning 23rd January 2023

Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit)

National Birdwatching week

We have been busy celebrating Chinese new Year, we made Chinese lanterns, ate different Chinese foods, made Rabbit biscuits, made dragons from play dough and explored a sensory tray. We also had a visit from a rabbit, which was very exciting.

We then took part in the RSPB National Birdwatching week, we made bird feeders and used our binoculars to see which birds we could see. We also enjoyed the story "Owl Babies", and re enacted it with resources in our small world tray.

We followed Children's interests of looking after babies, and bathed our dolls in the water tray.

We chose someone who had been very Gentle to wear our golden sweatshirt.

We also had a special delivery of our new plants, we are going to learn what we need to do to look after them, we have placed them around Pre Nursery, so we can watch them grow.

Week five

30th January 2023

Seasons changes-Arctic animals

Last week we looked at Seasons changes, and how the weather had turned colder, so we explored the book “Say hello to the Arctic animals”, we made a small world scene with Arctic animals, explored ice in the water tray, made marks in sparkly shaving foam, and made our own models with snowy play dough.  We also practiced our cutting skills and snipped around our favourite “Frozen” characters” to make a Frozen collage.  We watched real penguins on the Edinburgh zoo cam, and danced along with “Elsa” for our music and movement session.

We continued to look after our new plants and made sure our bird feeders were topped up with seeds and food.  We also made our own sandwiches for snack.

Week six

Week beginning 6th February 2023

Under the sea

Last week Pre Nursery learned about Under the Sea animals.  We made a small world scene with animals, sand, shells and seaweed. We asked the children at the weekend if they were going to any beach or harbours, could they bring in anything they found, so we put all of these in our small world scene too. We made under the sea pictures, and made sea creatures from play dough. We enjoyed the story “Sharing a shell” and looking at the different sea creatures. We also danced like Ocean animals.

We chose someone to wear the Golden sweatshirt who had shown they could be gentle.

Week seven

Week beginning 13th February



We have celebrated Valentines day this week, we have talked about the people in our lives who we love, we reinforced this by reading “Guess how much I love you”  We painted large hearts, made Valentines pebbles and wooden hearts, cut out hearts from play dough, and felt special sensory bags. We also made cakes four our loved ones and decorated biscuits.

We then followed a Child’s interest of Space, we read Aliens love underpants, used our imagination as we explored a small world scene with rockets, figures, space dust and moon buggies, and created space pictures with stars and glitter.

We went on a  walk down the cycle track to see what we could see and hear, made sound shakers and enjoyed a P.E session in the Community Centre.

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