St Gregory & St Patrick's

Spring 2 - Week 3 - W/B 13/3/2023

We continued our visits to the garden centre this week and we were so shocked and disgusted by all the litter that we found along the cycle path. When we got back to school we reported it to our school council who have decided to do a litter pick around our area. On Tuesday we enjoyed a second P.E. session with Mrs Mason. This time we were pretending to be aliens in a spaceship! We needed to listen, follow instructions and be aware of our surroundings. On Friday we celebrated one of our school’s saints, St Patrick! We all dressed in green and brought a tin in from home to donate to our local foodbank. We danced to Irish music, learned about St Patrick and decorated biscuits.

Spring 2 - Week 2 - W/B 6/3/2023

We enjoyed reading ‘Rabbit’s Spring Adventure’ this week. Whilst on our walk to the garden centre, we looked for signs of spring. We were lucky enough to see a man flying his kestrel and he kindly came over and talked to us about it. At the garden centre we were very well behaved when we looked at all the lovely flowers, plants and ornaments. We bought some vegetables seeds and potatoes to take back to Nursery to grow in our garden. This week we also had our first gymnastics session with Mrs Mason. We played ‘Duck, duck, goose’ and practised some stretching. We listened and followed the instructions brilliantly! On Friday we were so shocked to wake up to SNOW!

Spring 2 - Week 1 - W/B 27/2/2023

New half term, new theme! This week we have been exploring Spring and Growing. We discussed the meaning of the word ‘growing’ and named things that we knew grew. In maths we have been recapping numbers 1-5 by matching numeral to quantity and subitising. On Friday we celebrated World Book Day! We made porridge like the Three Bears, explored a range of different texts and spent lots of time reading our favourite stories together.

Spring 1 - Week 7 - W/B 13/2/2023

This half term has flown by! We said 'goodbye' to Mr Marshall and thanked him for helping us improve our ball skills as well as our listening and attention. We had a lovely time celebrating Valentine's Day by making biscuits, cards, crafts and learning about St Valentine. We also practised our 'squiggle and wiggle' moves inside and outside. Have a wonderful half term everyone! 

Spring 1 - Week 6 - W/B 6/2/2023

Nursery's Teddy Bears' Picnic!

We have had such a fantastic week getting ready for our picnic. We have shared lots of wonderful traditional tales, written a shopping list as well as make the food and decorations. Friday was a fabulous celebration of all of our learning this half term! 

Spring 1 - Week 5 - W/B 30/1/2023

In Nursery we love our 'Squiggle and Wiggle' time! This helps the children strengthen their gross and fine motor skills to get ready for writing. We danced with our ribbons then used our pencils to make up and down movements. Following on from our sessions with Mr Marshall we recapped our positional language understanding and looked at different sizes in Maths. 

Spring 1 - Week 4 - W/B 23/1/2023

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year! We made and tasted a range of Chinese food, found China on the map, made patterned dragons, danced to music from China and watched a video of a Chinese New Year festival. We talked about this year being the Year of the Rabbit and the children wanted to find out what animal it was the year they were born. Some of us were born in the Year of the Dog and some in the Year of the Pig. On Friday we took part in the Big School Bird Watch. We made fat balls to attract birds to our Nursery garden and placed them in our wildlife area, trees and bird box. 

Spring 1 - Week 3 - W/B 16/1/2023

We had our second session with Mr Marshall this week. Our listening skills are developing as well as our ball skills. We went on a Winter Walk to spot signs of winter in our outdoor area. We could see our breath, it was so cold! In getting ready for reading we practised repeating a rhythm on a drum by playing Chinese Whispers. This week's traditional tale was 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We built bridges in the construction area and roleplayed the story. We even made our own masks. 

Spring 1 - Week 2 - W/B 9/1/2023

This half term we are learning all about 'Traditional Tales'. We spoke about the traditional tales that we know of and learned why they are called traditional tales. We read lots of different tales this week as well as sang some songs about them. Our favourite was 'The Gingerbread Man' so we decided to make some of our own. We were glad they didn't run away! This week we also had our first P.E. session with Mr Marshall. This was fantastic! We also went on a number 3 hunt around school. 

Spring 1 - Week 1 - W/B 2/1/2023

Welcome back everyone! We've had a fantastic week settling back into Nursery while some of the teachers have been out on home visits meeting our new children who are due to start next week. We have missed our friends so much and couldn't wait to share our Christmas news. We recapped our Dough Disco moves from last term as well as start our 'Rhythm and Rhyme' part of getting ready for reading.  

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