St Gregory & St Patrick's

Summer 2 - Week 6 W/B - 11/07/2022

This week the older nursery children went on their trip to the La'al Ratty! We enjoyed our time on the train, then we had a picnic in the lovely sunshine and got to have a play on the park. This week as part of our Laudato Si topic we have been learning about the gift of animal life, we talked about of favourite animals and drew pictures of them. 

Summer 2 - Week 5 W/B - 04/07/2022

 This week we have been reading the story "Whiffy Wilson the wolf who wouldn't wash". We talked about why we need to have good hygiene and what we need to do to be clean. This weeks lesson of part of our Laudato Si topic we have been learning about the gift of plant life, so we watched a video of a plant growing over time and talked about why we need them. We got to try our Nurseries new wiggle cars in the hall, we had much fun on them! 

Summer 2 - Week 4 W/B - 27/06/2022

This week we have been reading "The Hare and The Tortoise" and we were extremely pleased to meet two real life tortoises, Ubby and Arlo on Wednesday. We have had such a great time learning about tortoises and taking care of them. 

As part of our Laudato Si topic we have been learning about Gifts of Oceans and Gifts of Fresh Water. We talked about where we thought water comes from and made a spider diagram of our ideas. We thought of ways to save water and how to keep it clean. We watched a video about water pollution and we were all so shocked how rubbish gets into the water and can harm sea creatures. 
In Phunky Foods this week we made flapjack cakes! We measured and counted the spoonfuls carefully and they tasted delicious! 
The younger nursery children went for a walk to the post box to post a ‘thank you’ card to Jonathan. On their walk they were looking out for litter as well as sign posts and numbers to read. 

Summer 2 - Week 3 W/B - 20/06/2022

Our story this week has been "We're going on a bear hunt". We explored all the different textures from the settings in the story  and used different words to describe the textures. We watched Michael Rosen perform the story and we joined him and acted it out. 

We created obstacle courses in the outdoor area to act out the story and we used positional language to describe where we were on the course and to give our friends instructions. 

In Phunky Foods, it is real bread week so we made a loaf of bread. It smelled delicious! We cut the bread and spread our own toppings on. Our knife skills are getting so much better.  

Jonathan came back to visit us and taught us some football skills! He created new obstacles and we had a go at dribbling the ball in and out of the crates. Thank you Jonathan, we really appreciate you taking the time to visit us. 
On Friday we dressed in green and other bright colours to celebrate the ‘Green Day Appeal’ for Foodbank. Children and parents were very kind with their donations. Thank you so much!

Summer 2 - Week 2 W/B - 13/06/2022

This week we had a special delivery! Last term our friend Oliver sent us some vegetables from his Grandad's garden and this week he sent us some delicious fruits! We enjoyed reading his book "Oliver's Fruit Salad" and making our own fruit salad using the fruit he sent. 

We have also been learning about staying safe for part of our "Keeping Healthy" topic. We read the story "Little Red Riding Hood" and discussed stranger danger, trusted adults and who can help us. 

We had our first visit from personal trainer, Jonathan this week. He taught us the importance of having a healthy diet and keeping active every day. He showed us how to warm up properly and even set up obstacle courses around our outdoor area for us to complete. 

Summer 2 - Week 1 W/B - 06/06/2022

What a wonderful start to a new half term. We started our new topic "Keeping Healthy" and discussed all the lovely healthy food we like to eat. Our potatoes in the gardening patch had finally grown too so we cooked and mashed them to eat. They were delicious! We then went on to painting our favourite fruits and vegetables and making them in our mud kitchen. 

Our new Gospel Value this half term is "Gratefulness and Generosity" and we thought about all of God's amazing creations and how we are grateful for them. It was very generous of God to share them with us. 

In R.E. we started our "Friends" topic and discussed what makes a good friend. We made friendship bracelets and made playdough models of our friends. 

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